To afford creating music on a professional level has never been easy, but nowadays the various options of direct music marketing help ambitioned musicians and bands to raise the money they need to concentrate a maximum of their energy on their music projects.
Independence from a label means freedom in all of your decisions but it comes along with the need to manage your own affairs especially in financial matters. But you are not alone: You have caring fans who share the love to your music with you. BackersGround helps you to connect even better with your crowd so you can give each other what you need. Therefore we focus on managing of fundraising campaigns and social media marketing.
Balancing your individuality and the requirements and rules of professional music business is our mission. As we work hand in hand with you to find the right way, we guide you with our experience and support you with our knowledge. We are passionate music lovers and experts in management, marketing and publishing and we offer you our versatile network to develop solutions for the difficulties you face as an independent artist.

For free information get in contact with us: info (at) backersground (dot) com.

Posted by Annika Dormeyer

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